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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. it was anything but a normal monday in vatican city. the pope surprised everyone by doing something that hasn't been done in hundreds of years. >> tonight the deep south still
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reeling from tornadoes and that weather system may not be over yet. >> and three people are dead after a courthouse shooting in delaware. an eyewitness describes running for his life coming up. we start off with the surprising resignation of pope benedict xvi. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. it's the announcement that stunned virtually everyone. the pope will step down the end of this month. fox 5's will thomas is in the newsroom with the reason behind the move and how the church plans to fill one of the most prestigeous jobs in the world. >> the reason, the pop says he's physically and mental -- the pope says he's physically and mentally not up to it. cardinal joe george ratzinger with the -- cardinal george ratzinger and by all counts pope benedict actually a shy man who loves reading and writing books more than
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greeting crowds. >> he has come to the conclusion that he doesn't have the physical energy any longer to discharge his duties as pope. >> cardinal wuerl says that admission from the pope is more evidence the father is a him man. at 85 years old -- a humble man. at 85 years old pope benedict 16th says he no has the strength to lead and no one including the archbishop saw this coming, the first time it's happened in nearly 600 years. >> it came as an enormous surprise. >> pope benedict's decision to step down sets the stage for a conclave in march to elect a new leader of the catholic church. in recent months benedict has been showing signs of age and often seemed tired. local catholics know this wasn't an easy decision, but they're looking ahead. >> there's any number of possibilities of where the church might go. the church is more than just in
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the united states and so because of that the needs of the church on any given moment in time call for different personalities and different gifts. >> i really appreciate our pope. i'm not sure why he's declined in health. i just know it seems very odd how it's gone rapidly downhill just in the last several months. >> in order to lead a universal church you simply need to have a certain amount of energy and ability and so i think it's very courageous on his part. >> president obama released a statement saying, "michelle and i warmly remember our meeting with the holy father in 2009 and i have appreciated our work together over these last four years." the pope's resignation becomes effective at 8 p.m. february the 28th. at that point the process of electing a new pope begins. a conclave of 118 cardinals will gather together to make that decision. a new pope could be in place by easter sunday to lead a church with more than 1 billion
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members worldwide. pope benedict will live out the rest of his life in a monastery within the vatican. >> critics say the catholic church has seen brighter days. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 we'll look at some of those loose ends left at the end of this pope's tenure. we are following breaking news tonight out of chicago. two men are now charged with first degree murder in the death of hadiya pendleton. the 15-year-old was killed days after performing at president obama's inaugural parade with her high school marching band. first lady michelle obama attended the teenager's funeral this past weekend in chicago. police have not yet identified the suspects. three people are dead after shots rang out at a delaware courthouse today. state attorney general beau biden says the shooting was not random but the result of a custody dispute. fox's steve centanni has more. >> they started yelling get down, get back, put us in a tight hallway. we were in there for half an
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hour, something like that. >> reporter: three people dead including the gunman after a shooting in the new castle county courthouse in wilmington, delaware. >> a lone gunman walked into the lobby area of the county courthouse and opened fire. two civilian females were killed in that shooting. two capital police officers were shot in the exchange of gunfight. >> reporter: two officers were taken to a local hospital saved by their bulletproof vests. the chaos began just after 8 a.m. in the public area of the courthouse before a metal detector checkpoint. witnesses recall the sounds and tension of the firefight. >> i'm okay now. >> i don't know that people got shot or whatever because i heard two shots as soon as i walked in. that's when i reacted and turned around and just ran out of the building. >> reporter: officials are connecting this shooting with a long standing custody dispute. the case is believed to include the kidnapping of three children taken to central america in a motor home several years ago, but police have yet to confirm those details. police have also not said if
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the shooter was killed by court officers or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> this was not a random act of violence. preliminarily this was the result of a custody dispute that has lasted in our cot system for several -- court system for several years. it's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the shooter's identity has not been released. at one point today we believed it was one member of the family. at another time we thought it was someone else. we'll have to wait for the final coroner's report. now to prince george's county where police are searching for a murder suspect wanted for killing an elderly woman in capitol heights. 71-year-old geraldine macintyre was found dead in her home on chapel oaks drive saturday. police went door to door in the neighborhood handing out crime solvers flyers with information hoping it leads to an arrest. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his 7-month-old sister has been transferred to a juvenile detention center ordered held without bond.
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the 8th grader is charged as daunt, but that could change later this month -- an day, but that could change later this month at a hearing. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: inside this apartment on lockwood drive in silver spring the mother of the baby found her unconscious early friday morning and called 911. in district court in rockville today prosecutors told the judge the baby was asphyxiated and the wounds on the body were post mortem bug bites. >> in the charging document there were statements made to the police during interrogation that he indicated to them that he did, in fact, strike the child. that's in the charging documents. however, the injuries observed on the body were thought by the police initially to be indicative of that beating. it turns out now and as officers of the court we told the court that we have learned from the medical examiner that these were not injuries. they were bug bite that occurred after the child died -- bites that occurred after the child died. >> reporter: after smothering
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the child the 14-year-old who was also caring for a 3-year- old female left the 7-month-old in a car seat inside the apartment. >> according to the process that is in place in the state of maryland, a full study will be made and returned back to the court and then the determination as to where this matter is tried, in adult or juvenile court, will be made in open court after that study is, in fact, completed. >> reporter: although the teen was represented by an attorney in court, there were no friends or family in attendance. the defense attorney also told the court the 14-year-old was not only responsible for taking care of his 7-month-old sister, but a 3-year-old female as well while his mother worked the overnight shift and when she returned in morning, he would go to school. the attorney also noted this is the first contact this young man has had with the police. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. virginia authorities tonight are trying to track down the man who stole $10,000 worth of merchandise from a target store. look at this surveillance photo.
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police think he hid inside the woodbridge store, then began stealing items after the store closed. he used tools from the store to break into locked cabinets. he got away with a number of items including several ipads. a developing story, the man hunt for christopher dorner, law enforcement officials looking for the former lapd cop who allegedly killed three people, injured two others last week. investigators say they've received several tips after announcing a $1 million reward for information leading to arrest. fox's william lajeunesse has more. >> reporter: the manhunt continues for christopher dorner, the ex-cop wanted for three homicides. the los angeles police department is now combing through hundreds of leads. >> i can tell you that we are following up on over 600 clues that have come in from the public. some of these are related to specific locations or sightings of dorner. >> reporter: numerous false sightings have stretched department ranks thin. a $1 million reward has been offered from private donations, local governments and civic
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organizations for information leading to his capture. >> this is not about capturing a fleeing suspect. this is about preventing a future crime, likely a murder. >> reporter: police now calling the former l.a. police officer a domestic terrorist while concentrating the search in the big bear mountain resort area. >> until we've looked in every nook and cranny in that area and they're satisfied that dorner is not in that area there's no information there, we will continue to search there as well as elsewhere. >> reporter: dorner has vowed revenge against several former colleagues adding to the severity of this manhunt. >> it is my sincere desire to bring mr. dorner to justice, to bring him to court, to capture him alive. that is absolutely what i want and it would be my preference that if he's watching this, that he surrender so that we can end this nightmare. >> reporter: while the pursuit for dorner continues the riverside california police
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officer he allegedly murdered will be laid to rest on wednesday. in los angeles william lajeunesse, fox news. robert griffin, iii has been laying low since the redskins' season ended, but he couldn't hide from a group of teen-age girls, how they blew his cover at a birthday party still ahead tonight. >> mississippi residents are cleaning up after a devastating tornado, why that same system could continue causing problems. >> plus. >> stand by. fire. fire. fire. >> and there is no room for error when you're firing weapons like these. we're heading to the front lines at quantico marine base still ahead tonight. >> stay with us, fox 5 news at 10:00 just getting started. the ones who inspire us,
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the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on, the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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from the northeast to the deep south residents cleaning up after a weekend of wild weather, the northeast digging out from that nor'easter. what's next? 60 people injured in a southeast tornado outbreak and that weather system may not be over yet either. our weather team tracking the severe weather outbreak. let's start with sue palka with
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the latest from the south. >> quite a contrast from the 3 feet of snow in the northeast to the destruction you would typically see in the late spring or even late fall. that tornado that ravaged hattiesburg, mississippi, was an ef3 and may have been an ef4 briefly. that is highly destructive. the good news is there was a pretty good amount of warning and people had about 30 minutes to get somewhere safe. they got a lot of pictures and the destruction is unbelievable. it destroyed or damaged 300 homes and at least 60 people injured but no take tattles. that was partly because of the -- fatalities. that was partly because of the great. warning and the greatly damaged university of southern mississippi was pretty empty and it was a sunday. many businesses were closed. still this is not what you expect in winter. >> it is pretty unusual to be seeing severe weather during the month of february and we actually just had another outbreak of tornadoes during the month of january. so we're starting a little bit early. >> we sure are. these storms are mighty
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powerful. something that's changed is the southern branch of the jet stream is getting much more active just in the last week or so and that's what happened at hattiesburg, close to the gulf of mexico, can grab a lot of moisture. we're showing you this because we may get a couple systems from the south this week. the first one would be wednesday afternoon into the evening. it may be rain that changes to snow. then we have something else to watch for the weekend. it was that southern branch of the jet stream that brought the big nor'easter friday and saturday night up the coast. that was the first time we'd seen that all year. gary mcgrady is standing by to tell us about what happened up there and how they're still trying to recover from that. >> that's right, sue. today it was really the first day that those folks up in new england could even start trying to get out from under that huge snowfall they got over the weekend. right now 18 death ofs have been blamed on the nor -- deaths have been blamed on the nor'easter that came through friday and saturday. here is more with fox's rick
10:17 pm
leventhal. >> reporter: the wicked winter storm leaving tens of thousands without power, most in massachusetts, utility crews working through miserable conditions to restore it. by early monday less than 150,000 customers were in the dark down from 650,000 across eight states at the peak of the storm. in massachusetts, the hardest hit state, officials say some of the outages might linger until tuesday forcing some residents into shelters. >> this would be my second night and i'll probably have another one because the power is still not on. >> reporter: new york's long island still digging out, the storm bringing some of the highest accumulations ever recorded. >> this is insane. this is an insane amount of snow. i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: flights resumed at major airports which had closed during the storm and driving bans were lifted. in new york more than 2 feet of snow shut down a 27-mile stretch of the long island expressway. some drivers left their stranded cars on the frozen
10:18 pm
roadway. it reopened monday morning in time for the commute. new york's regional trains also got back on track for the workweek. some public schools in boston, providence and long island canceled classes monday with some state and local governments telling nonessential workers to take the day off. connecticut also buried in white, a snowfall of historic proportions. >> the likes of which our state has never seen or not seen since the 1880s. >> reporter: now a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow falling on hampden, connecticut, which was socked with 40 inches of snow over the weekend. there are concerns roofs may collapse and motorists are warned to stay off the road until they're cleared. >> hampden got more than 40 inches of snow, so, of course,
10:19 pm
more than 3 feet and it won't melt any time soon. >> any time severe weather hits you can track it with the free fox 5 weather app. just search d.c. weather in the app store. if you drive around d.c., you're bound to see construction from time to time. >> the district going flue a building boom. find out what that -- through a building boom, find out what that means for the job market coming up. >> plus on the news edge at 11:00 is social media making you less social, the downfall of being a nation so plugged in. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there
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when it comes to development, the district is booming, 55 construction cranes seen towering above the skyline and one of the biggest construction project downtown is the new marriott marquis employing hundreds of people and when finished will provide more than 1,000 jobs. fox 5's matt ackland got a
10:23 pm
sneak peek. >> reporter: there are few places you can go in the district these days and not hear what many consider the sweet sound of construction. >> when i go to the mayor's meetings, people talk about the appearance and condition of the city. >> reporter: mayor gray and the media toured one of the largest projects underway, the marriott marquis hotel taking shape next-door to the convention center. >> the city said we need more ballrooms, more meeting rooms, all these things to be competitive. >> reporter: the developer plans to deliver, 1,200 rooms, 10,000 square feet of meeting space and an underground tunnel that connects to the convention center. when it opens, it should employ about 1,000 people, 51% of those jobs going to district residents. when complete, this place is going to be absolutely massive. because of height restrictions here in the district, it can only go up 14 floors. so to find space construction crews dug down, over 100 feet,
10:24 pm
in fact, down below it's considered a mining exercise it's so deep. >> you're required to bring an oxygen tank with you just like if you were in a mine. >> reporter: there is more to come. district leaders have gone after domestic and foreign investors. at the city center project downtown its deep pocket investors from cutter paying the bills. the mayor recently went to china to drum up business and has been talking to tech giant microsoft. >> people want to be in the district. when we have microsoft talking to us about putting an innovation center on the grounds, we know we're on the move. >> reporter: these huge construction projects didn't just come together overnight. former mayors and other leaders should be credited with getting the ball rolling and watching them grow. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. some of the most powerful weapons used in afghanistan are also being used in virginia. we'll show you how marines are battle tested at quantico coming up. >> if you see a story we should
10:25 pm
look into, 202-895-3000 or be right back.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. warfare has gone hi-tech these days, but even with all the technology you still need boots on the ground during combat. at quantico marine base just outside of the district troops are being trained for the front lines. fox 5's sherri ly joined them on the firing range. >> reporter: this is warfare. >> 1032. >> reporter: live mortar rounds launching. >> alpha alpha 1027 fire when red ditch. >> reporter: and howlitzers firing, in places like afghanistan marine sergeant zachary meyers knows firsthand
10:29 pm
these are the tools of trade in combat. >> most of the marine sleep around the gun are around the gun and are there within seconds. >> stand by. fire. fire. fire. >> reporter: they're using real weapons with real munitions all just 40 miles away from washington at marine corps base quantico. >> the same type they would use in theaters somewhere depending on the situation. >> reporter: these big guns can hit a target 25 miles away with gps guidance and level a building. that's why every precaution is taken to prevent something from going off target. >> there's no room for error at all. >> reporter: chris beck, a retired marine, runs range scheduling. the 54 firing ranges used in different combinations can create 8,000 possible safety conflicts. requests are put in the computer and carefully coordinated, who is firing
10:30 pm
where, when, which direction, types of weapons. >> that could be hundreds or thousands of individual events each week, thousands of individual people out there firing weapons. >> reporter: so everything is mapped out by gps and during training is monitored 24/7 from inside range control. >> i'm trying to get ahold of the shop. >> reporter: the red areas show live fire. the white moving dots are planes that sometimes have to be diverted from the line of fire. >> on a busy day we can have -- we got a lot of ranges calling in hot. you go on to a live fire status. >> reporter: on this day troops in one location fire mortars at the enemy while 4 miles away gunners on the howlitzers provide cover. timing is critical. in a heavy fire situation they can fire off a round eight to 10 seconds. >> mostly when we get one ready, we get it into the round end tube, we're shooting it. >> reporter: these high
10:31 pm
explosive 155-meter artillery rounds can kill everyone within a 150 feet radius and with a casualty zone the size of a football field it is life or death for troops on the ground. >> if they come into heavy contact and call for fire, it's on us to get in range and suppress the enemy. >> reporter: on the bottlefield it's high stress, so this is what -- battlefield it's high stress, so this is what training is for. >> it's like muscle memory. if i don't use it, i'll forget it and be in shellshock if i get out in combat. >> reporter: on an average day 13 to 19 ranges at quantico are hot. they use a lot of ammo, 56 million rounds in the past five years. for some marines this is as close as it gets. >> 777 is what they mainly use in combat. it's very realistic. >> reporter: before going to war.
10:32 pm
at quantico sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> the fbi also has a firing range at quantico and dozens of other local and federal law enforcement agencies use quantico for weapons and firearms training. an army veteran was honored with the nation's highest award today for his bravery in afghanistan. former staff sergeant clinton romashay was bestowed the medal of honor. he was hit with shrapnel and still charged 100 meters into enemy fire to retrieve the bodies of several other troops who were hit. he did two tours in iraq before a stand in afghanistan, the fourth living medal of honor recipient honored for service in iraq or afghanistan. the former navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden is speaking out saying he left the military three years short of retirement because he wanted to see his children graduate and get married. now he is unemployed, no healthcare, pension or protection plan for his family. he's currently awaiting a virginia disability ruling for neck, back and eye injuries. passengers on a stranded
10:33 pm
cruise ship are rationing food while they wait for a tow to shore. the carnival ship lost its propulsion system during a fire sunday. fortunately no one was hurt. the ship is running on a backup generator. it was scheduled to return to galveston, texas, today, but now it will have to be towed to mexico wednesday. the wife of former penn state head coach joe paterno is speaking out, the first time sue paterno has spoken publicly since her husband's death. in a recent interview she said her husband did not do anything wrong in his handling of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. the family said the initial report paints paterno as a victim. >> he was what he was. what you saw is what you got. a man of integrity, honesty. he never let down in any of his moral values. his life was built on doing things the right way.
10:34 pm
>> freeh released a statement defending his work which included 430 interviews and more than 3 million e-mails and documents. you may remember a statue of paterno was removed from outside beaver stadium last july. coming up we go one on one with an oscar nominee, what 9- year-old wallace told us and how she's lighting up award season and sharing with the arts right here in d.c. forget about the snow, drivers everywhere caught in a storm at the pump, gas prices now 25 straight days rising 30 cents since the middle of january. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded just under $3.60. meantime here is something you'll want to proofread, your credit report. according to a new study, at least one out of five consumers has a mistake on a major credit report. 5% of people had errors leading to higher costs for items like car loans and insurance. no time for coffee in the morning. pepsi says no problem. the sodamaker is introducing a
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it takes a kinds of good to make a family. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. now to a sweet 16 birthday party to remember all thanks to robert griffin, iii. the redskins superstar gave one
10:39 pm
teenager a story they no doubt will talk about for years to come. fox 5's karen gray houston caught up with them tonight. >> reporter: it's every fan's painful lingering memory, redskins quarterback robert griffin, iii hurting his knee and being helped off the field in that awful loss against the seahawks, then word that the injury was worse than first thought and he'd been undergoing rehab in florida. then all of a sudden he popped up at a local resort in the d.c. metro area. we know that because a bunch of squealing teenagers who took lots of pictures with him after he finished his rehab in the pool told us all about it. it was mia linden's 16th birthday. she's from charlestown, west virginia, and she and her friends and bother are tickled ping. >> then we went down to the pool -- pink. >> then we went down to the pool and it looked like they were having a class and we were like i don't know if we should go down. we got all the other girls and said let's just go down because we want to go swimming and my
10:40 pm
girl friend amanda was like oh, my god, that's riff and we're like oh, my god, is it -- robert griffin, iii and we're like oh, my god, is it really? and he's like yeah and his trainer said you guys want to get a picture after? >> i was speechless. i was stunned. i had no idea what to say to him. >> reporter: tell us again the part about what lauren did. >> she jumped in the pool and said i love you, rg3, i'm your biggest fan and all that. it was really cute and she was speechless. she was shaking. >> i was so nervous. >> i was in the hotel room just like on my phone and all of a sudden amanda runs and goes oh, my god, rg3 is in the pool. i'm like oh, i should go down. >> reporter: you get the picture and to top it all off they have the tweets to talk. about rg3 tweeted sweet 16 party runs into me doing rehab in the pool and the girls tweeted him back. mia's mom is almost as thrilled as the kids. >> to top it off, they were able to interact with rg3,
10:41 pm
doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: it was a sweet 16 birthday party this family and friends will never forget. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a former nfl cheerleader fights back against cyber bullying, her message going viral. >> plus a news edge alert. we all know salt makes most food taste better, but how many lives could be saved if people cut back on their sodium intake? [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ and i will always love you ♪ ♪. today marks the one year anniversary of the death of whitney houston. the grammy award winning singer was found dead in bathe tub in her hotel the night before last -- a bathtub in her hotel the night before last year's grammy award. her memory was honored on saturday at a gala. her brother was there, but her mother chose not to attend. she is the darling of the
10:45 pm
award season this year with an oscar nomination for her starring role in the movie beast of the southern wild. today 9-year-old wallace was in d.c. with her mom serving as teachers for a day. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: taking center stage, the star of the indy hit and oscar nominated film beast of the southern wild. >> the whole universe depends on everything fitting together just right. >> reporter: the pint size actress along with her puppy purse is in town with her mother and the film director sharing their film making experience while serving as teachers for a day to members of the theater program at gala hispanic theater in columbia heights. >> i hope to give them a sense of what it is we do and in part what it's like and what it takes.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: based on the southern wild's first feature film a labor of love he wrote, produced and directed with long time friends, the story of a little girl and her dying father in a tight knit bayou community sallying wallace as the youngest ever oscar nominee. >> i just started with a film, something we did to have fun and never knew it would go to this and it ends up all right here. >> reporter: she tried for the part of hush puppy when she was just 5 years old with no prior acting experience. >> i can remember a lot of things and now i remember like an elephant. that's what my mom tells me. she says i'm a smart cookie. >> the storm's coming! >> reporter: for the young actors of the next step program this is a chance to hear from the experts and a chance to show their skills, too, thanks
10:47 pm
to the program launched in partnership with fox and the president's committee on the arts and humanities. >> at that moment i knew what i wanted to be, a crime fighter, superhero. >> reporter: young people learning from one another, wallace their teacher of the day with a few words of advice. >> work strong, believe in god, pray when you eat and always take care of your loved ones and your family. >> reporter: a 9-year-old 1 deniable star pour sharing the -- with undeniable star power sharing the spotlight where she belongs. >> got a lot of wisdom for a little girl. if you haven't seen the movie, it's really good. >> i beloved it. it's really incredible and her performance and the guy who played her dad, wow, phenomenal. check it out. we've been hearing about the crazy weather going on around the country. we warmed up a lot today. >> we were in the 50s. >> i went outside bundled up and was sweating. >> we had trapped cold air for
10:48 pm
the longest time today. we had 40s and low 50s and fog and drizzle and boom, the warm air got. in it's still really mild now in the 50s, but we have a couple chances for snow this week. who wants to hear about it? >> no one over here. >> maybe the brian either. you get to the middle of february and you haven't had much snow and think okay, am i done with this now? apparently not. just when you think you'd rather ditch colder temperatures for warmer air, we have a couple surprises in the seven-day forecast which we'll talk about. today's high temperature 54 degrees, dulles 56, bwi thurgood marshall 52. it was hard to get the sunshine back, although if you live far enough west and south, you had the sun today and it was considerably warmer than -- there than it was everywhere else. 51 in culpeper, 56 in d.c. and annapolis, kind of feels nice to have a little humidity in the air.
10:49 pm
it's only lasting a few more hours. we have a frontal boundary to the west coming through and it drops temperatures significantly behind it, to 39 in pittsburgh, 34 detroit, 30 in chicago and winds pick up a little bit after the front comes through. we have a wind advisory issued off to our west through 10 a.m. because in the higher elevations you could pick up stronger gusts, 50 to 55. we'll probably get 20 or 30- mile an hour wind gusts coming through. getting the gust to 22 in gaithersburg, winchester 37 mile-per-hour gust and hagerstown 32. expect winds to pick up a little overnight and for the first part of your tuesday. the winds will be better tuesday afternoon. it's looking like a nice day with a lot of sunshine, 51 degrees for our high tomorrow. wednesday looks interesting. you'll want to stay tuned. whenever we have a chance for snow on a weekday that could time out for an evening rush hour or morning rush hour, we pay attention. that's what may happen wednesday. most of the day will be dry, but we think there will be a system push up from the south
10:50 pm
where we're all of a sudden seeing quite a bit more activity grabbing a little moisture getting organized tomorrow night and starting to slide our direction. unlike the clippers that we've seen so much this winter that come by to our north, they don't have a lot of moisture. the ones from the south usually do. tomorrow it's mostly a sunny day, a breeze in the morning from our departing area of low pressure and high pressure continuing to build in. tomorrow night we'll see this area of low pressure get its act together in the gulf of mexico, a weak one. i don't think it's got a lot of cold air to work with, but as the high moves out of the way tuesday night this area of low pressure could move in and it could be rain that mixing with snow or changes to snow in the northwest. cold air will be marginal, kind of might stick to the grass and not anything else, but that could change. first system is wednesday, not a lot of cold air. so we don't think it will be huge, but timing is so
10:51 pm
important. over the weekend it looks like stronger batch of cold air gets into the mix and another system which is potentially stronger could be shaping up. that would be saturday into sunday. we'll have to watch this one, too. it could have the potential for some accumulation and probably more significant than the wednesday storm system. last stop futurecast because we run through tuesday with a lot of sunshine and a breeze in the morning. wednesday for the most part looks like it will be dry, too. at 8 a.m. we've got clouds starting to come in. you see this bit of moisture to our south that might be rain south and east of 95 and a mix of rain and snow north and west of 95 but at 4:00 a lot of times that doesn't stick. you keep it going till 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, and maybe get some accumulation on grass. either way it looks like it would be out of here by 10:00 or 11:00 at night. once again we're talking about four, five or six hours of snow. we'll see what we can accumulate. that would be wednesday. i'm not sure we'll get a lot out of that. we'll have to wait and see.
10:52 pm
we'll pay attention to it tomorrow night closely. meanwhile it will be colder wednesday. how about valentine's day thursday, here already? we just got through groundhog day, wow. how about 50 degrees thursday. looks like friday will be decent and saturday into sunday we have to watch. this would be a coastal-type system. they always have more potential. we have not seen any except for the one last weekend. so don't like seeing another one coming this weekend, might not be so much for new england but mid-atlantic will have to watch. it is all thanks to a miracle that a washington state burglar was caught. terry miracle to be exact. the 82-year-old tackled the alleged burglar. fox's ky porter with the story. >> got a couple little boys to ask for autographs. >> reporter: 82-year-old terry miracle has become somewhat of a local celebrity even getting a standing ovation in church sunday after taking down a burglary suspect in his
10:53 pm
backyard. >> i had to stop him. >> reporter: miracle was weeding his garden last friday afternoon as the 27-year-old suspect led police on a foot chase through his neighborhood. miracle heard the cops yelling. >> i heard a terrific commotion and then i heard them saying he's heading down 3296. >> reporter: miracle's address. so he left the gardening behind and walked up to his house. just then the suspect bolted around the corner into miracle's backyard. >> he was looking back to see how close the police were and he didn't see me at all. >> reporter: in that moment miracle remembered a move he learned playing high school football 65 years ago, something he calls the cross body block. >> i can do that i said to myself. of, not thinking exact -- myself, not thinking exactly that time an 82-year-old man now and he was probably maybe 30, at the most. >> reporter: that didn't stop
10:54 pm
miracle who charged the man taking out his knees. >> always lift your knee and spread it out a ways and i did that, kind of automatically, i guess, and i caught him in the knees and he went down. >> reporter: that gave cops just enough time to catch up and arrest the suspect. miracle's a little sore but otherwise unhurt. he says police couldn't believe what he did. >> i wouldn't think of myself as a hero. i would think of myself as at best a person that saw something that needed to be done and i could do and so i did it. coming up drama at the grammy awards, looks like chris brown met his match with adele, why she gave him a lesson in manners. >> we have two easy tips to book a valentine's day vacation on a budget coming up on the news edge at 11:00. ♪
10:55 pm
[ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, northrop grumman.
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cameras spot singer adele appearing to give chris brown a piece of her mind last night at the grammys. brown lost an award to frank ocean, an artist he's been having issues with. brown apparently did not applaud for ocean. adele was caught in this picture with what appears to be her yelling at him. of course, we don't know this for sure. brown and rihanna were seated together in public. big winners included kelly clarkson, carey underwood and monford and sons. we look at the big moments both on and off the stage. >> as you can see, i read the memo of. >> reporter: jennifer lopez, kelly roland and katy perry skirted the grammy dress code by wearing borderline outfits, but kathy griffin felt it was a bit too much. >> arrest me. send me to grammy jail.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: donning an oversized dress to project images during her performance, carrie underwood said backstage she tries to watch this season's american idol as much as she can and feels the dynamic between mariah and nicki is unique. >> i think there's an interesting balance that's going on on the judges panel, that it makes it interesting. >> reporter: season one idol champ kelly clarkson got tongue tied and tangled after winning pop vocal album. >> i still love you. >> reporter: making an obvious stab at her one direction ex harry stiles during her opening performance, taylor swift got thousands of angry sweets from the brit's loyal followers. as the night saw the music industry celebrate its own, we asked some on the carpet how their fashion image reflects their music. >> i feel like the beginning of a career you have to set yourself up for who you are and

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